Bespoke screw conveyor for bulk material products

mechanical screw conveyor

Use screw conveyors in a cost-effective way, overcoming constraints imposed by an existing or evolving plant

Dust sealing

Special system to reduce manual adjustments, minimize powder leaks
and grant an efficient dust protection of the thrust bearing units

FDA Approved Food Grade Lubricants

For long screw conveyors, over 4-5 metres, the intermediate support is made of
a self-lubricating material, FDA approved for direct food contact

easy cleaning auger conveyors

High flow rates, robust design, versatility and low maintenance made the screw conveyor a very popular choice for bulk material handling. Can be employed in horizontal, inclined and vertical installations, they can be used to control the bulk material flow and the batching accuracy or as mixers to blend ingredients. The stainless steel versions are suitable for conveying food products, chemical and pharmaceutical.

ATEX - Explosion Proof Protected
All Gimat screw conveyors are available ATEX rated for use in explosive atmospheres (Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU FOR ZONE 2-22 / ZONE 1-21).

Auger conveyor parts
  1. Thrust bearing unit: PTFE Gland Packing dust seals/shaft seals with automatic play recovery system
  2. Helical conveyance
  3. Safety micro switch for access hatches
  4. Inspection hatches
  5. Self-lubricating intermediate support with special frontal dust seals
  6. Helical conveyance
  7. Pulling unit complete with bearings and PTFE Gland Packing dust seals/shaft seals with automatic play regulation
  8. Reducer with right-angled shafts and tapered wheels
  9. Three-phase electric motor

configurations and accessories

Loading and unloading at any point
Suitable for conveying high-temperature materials
Jacketed screw conveyors for cooling bulk materials
Portable versions on wheels
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models and dimensions

Model Outside diameter RPM Max Output m³/h Bulk Density Kg/m³) Output (Kg/h)
TC.129/100 129 180 3,66 0,6 2200
TC.139/100 139 180 6,66 0,6 4400
TC.154/130 154 180 8,33 0,6 5000
TC.168/140 168 180 10,33 0,6 6200
TC.219/180 219 160 21,66 0,6 13000
TC.273/250 273 130 41,66 0,6 25000
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