Vertical ribbon mixer

Vertical ribbon blender

Vertical blenders for food and pharmaceutical industry for fast, gentle and uniform mixing

Industrial mixers

An industrial mixer is used for mixing and blending of dry bulk materials, to obtain an homogeneous ouptut product, in a large number of industries, such as food, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceutical. The mixing equipment very often must be specifically engineered for the type of product, the mixing requirements and the specific application. Therefore a mixer manufacturer must have extensive experience in testing and designing machines for the powder mixing processes, performed at different temperatures or pressures.

Industrial blenders and mixers that use the latest technolgy can maximize the efficiency and can be integrated with modern production control systems. And a powder mixing machine especially in the food and chemical industries must comply with strict safety standards. Gimat industrial mixers meet both needs.

Our proprietary technology allows us to maintain a complete control over the quality of components and ensures the reliability of Gimat powder mixers.

Vertical mixers and blenders

Thanks to the special helicoid shape, the mixing process is faster and more homgeneous compared to traditional vertical powder mixers, especially at the centre of the mixing chamber. A die-cast food grade aluminum frame with two large ball bearings creates an effective joint for the mixing shaft.

The rotation of the helicoid creates two crossed flows:

Our industrial blenders have smooth surfaces that facilitate the elimination of residue during emptying and ensure easy maintenance and cleaning.

The powder mixing is gentle, without overheating the mixed product. A conical ribbon blender can be used as homogenizer of the same powders but of different batches. In our vertical powder mixer, vacuum mixing is also possible for pneumatic loading, to create a continuous high-flow pneumatic conveying system for powders.

ATEX - Explosion Proof Protected
Our vertical industrial blenders are suitable for use in explosive atmospheres (Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU FOR ZONE 2-22 / ZONE 1-21).

Parts of a vertical ribbon mixer
  1. - 2. Gearmotor
  2. Bearing holder drive unit made of aluminum or stainless steel
  3. Mixing Ribbon Shaft
  4. Mixing Choppers
  5. Inspection hatch
  6. Shelf supports bags to be emptied
  7. - 14. - 15. Stainless Steel Mixer Body and frame
  8. Cleaning hatch
  9. Safety Micro Switches
  10. Manual Fasteners
  11. Exhaust Manifold
  12. Electropneumatic Gate Valve
  13. Pneumatic Control Panel

Main advantages of a vertical industrial mixer

Low peripheral speed (recommended for for applications in hazardous areas)

It can be equipped with high pressure washing nozzles

Silent running operation (mixing shaft rotation by bevel gearmotor)

No residue (fine finishing of internal surfaces)

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models and dimensions

Model* Geometrical volume (lt) Useful volume (lt) Max charge (kg) Gearmotor (kw) A B C D E
VMX.100 105 100 100 1.5 654 970 890 720 200
VMX.200 230 200 200 2.2 658 1255 970 720 200
VMX.340 430 340 340 3 808 1405 1045 920 200
VMX.600 650 600 600 5.5 1008 1720 1330 1150 200
VMX.1000 1200 1000 1000 7.5 1108 2020 1330 1250 250

* other sizes on request

vertical ribbon mixer 200 lt

Ribbon mixer 200Lt

vertical ribbon mixer 1000 lt

Vertical ribbon mixer 1000Lt

Vertical mixing and open mouth bag filling system - VIDEO

In this video we show you an equipment engineered for an ice cream powder mixes supplier, consisting of a vertical ribbon mixer and a bag filling equipment .