Optimization of the sieving and rebagging process of food powders

Big bag unloader and big bag fillers in a sieving and rebagging line for food powders

Customer: Food company - Powder gelling agent

Customer requirement: A leading company in the food industry needs to improve efficiency and accuracy in a key production process: sifting the powders coming from the bulk bag emptying system and subsequently rebagging/re-packing the resulting products, divided into fine and coarse powders. In detail, the specific requests concerned:

Gimat solution

To effectively address these challenges, we have designed and implemented an integrated system that includes several key components.

Key components and benefits

Rotary valve and weighing system

Precision and control

These components ensured precise control over the sieving and filling processes, significantly improving the quality of the finished product

Flexible augers conveyors

Operational efficiency

These components optimized internal powder transfer, reducing handling times (maintenance and cleaning)

Hermetic sealing system

Product integrity

This component contributes significantly to ensure food safety by maintaining the integrity of the product in the filling phase