Gimat flexible screw conveyors

Flexible screw conveyor

Flexible auger conveyors are capable of conveying a wide range of dry bulk solids (free flowing powders, granules, small pellets) in any direction

Dust protection

Protection against product inflitration by static and dynamic seal rings

Easy cleaning

By gates located at the pick up and unloading positions of the conveyor

Flexible screw conveyors to avoid obstacles in the plant

This type of powder transfer systems easily fits to existing plants thanks to its flexibility to overcome significant differences in height and cover long distances. The rotary spiral is made of carbon or stainless steel thermally treated in round, rectangluar or squared sections, depending on the application required. The spiral drive shaft is supported by means of roller bearing inserted in the flanged body of connection with the electric motor: in this way the motor bearing are not affected by the stresses transmitted by the spiral.

Our flexible screw conveyors can easily integrate with a complete range of upstream and downstream powder handling equipment, also with portable base frame with wheels.

ATEX - Explosion Proof Protected
All Gimat flexible spiral conveyors are available ATEX rated for use in explosive atmospheres (Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU FOR ZONE 2-22 / ZONE 1-21).

Flexible screw conveyor components
  1. Electric motor
  2. Reducer
  3. Pulling unit for flexible spiral with bearing and dust seals
  4. Outlet
  5. Tube fixing sleeve
  6. Discharge manifold
  7. Expansion terminal
  8. SFS Type pickup probe
  9. Safety micro switch
  10. Flexible spiral tube
Flexible screw conveyor and hopper drawing
  1. Maximum level sensor
  2. Manifold discharge
  3. Hopper minimum level sensor
  4. Bridge breaker unit
  5. Hopper frame
  6. Safety grid
  7. Hopper
  8. Electromedical vibrator
  9. Electric anti-vibration dowels
  10. Flexible conveyor tube
  11. Outlet unit


Homogenize products during transport
Prevent demixing of already mixed/batched bulk materials
Silent running operation
Portable versions on wheels with hoppers
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models and dimensions

Model Capacity (litres/h) Outside diameter (mm) Minimum bending radius (mm)
MAR 40 140 40 1000
MAR 55 400 55 1400
MAR 65 850 65 1600
MAR 70 1250 70 1800
MAR 80 1800 80 2500
MAR 90 2500 90 2800
MAR 100 3500 100 3000
MAR 110 4600 110 3800
MAR 125 7500 125 4500
Flexible screw conveyor radius