Gimat’s powder blending machines

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Industrial blending and mixing technology faces several significant challenges in sectors like food processing and pharmaceuticals, primarily due to the strict standards for quality, safety and efficiency that these industries require.

Compliance with regulations involves not only the selection of appropriate materials and design of the equipment but also ensuring that the blending and mixing processes do not introduce contaminants.

Achieving and maintaining high product quality and consistency across batches is essential. This includes preserving the integrity of ingredients, ensuring uniform distribution of components and preventing the degradation of sensitive substances during the mixing process.

Technological advantages of Gimat powder mixers

Automation and process control

Systems to enhance efficiency, reduce human error and increase throughput.

Scalability and flexibility

From pilot scale to full-scale manufacturing without compromising product quality or process effectiveness.

In-house technology

For tailored solutions, ensuring unmatched reliability and swift, expert support.

Batch mixing machines

We design and manufacture horizontal and vertical ribbon mixers and twin shaft paddle mixers, to serve different types of industries.

We can offer innovative solutions for effortless integration into existing systems or as stand-alone systems. In particular our vertical mixers are designed to maximize space with a compact, vertical design, it simplifies its integration into even the most complex production line and it is suitable for vacuum feeding.

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Browse our product pages to find technical specifications and applications examples using our batch mixers.

Do you need a complete solution that include batch processing equipment? Here an example of Gimat processing lines for unloading, mixing and packing food powders.

Continuous mixers

Our continuous mixing solutions are designed with integrated dosing systems or batching hoppers, sometimes incorporating a continuous paddle mixer. These systems manage powder storage, component dosing, conveyance and mixing all in one, ideal for blending up to 4 products with highest output.

Here an example of system created for a food industry company, to obtain a blend output from 1000 to 6000 kg/h. The application designed for the customer involves emptying from big bags and a two-component volumetric dosing system (5% fiber and 95% crystalline sugar). Continuous mixing is achieved through a paddle mixer and homogenization is ensured during transport via a flexible conveyor.

Bulk bag unloading and continuous mixing application
Filling blend storage buffer
Unloading and mixing application drawing