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bulk material handling in the food industry

GIMAT srl was incorporated in 1975 and from an early stage in the development of the company started to manufacture heavy duty dry bulk handling systems for the food processing industries.

These types of materials can vary in their particle composition, size, shape and density and each of these products needs in-depth knowledge and experience as to which solution would best suit the customer requirements.

There are a number of materials that could in some instances become flammable and/or explosive and GIMAT has significant experience and knowledge of processing these types of materials and will manufacture ATEX compliant equipment to counter this risk.

We understand that no two applications are the same and our custom manufactured equipment is designed to meet the challenges set by our customer’s needs for reliable, high quality process equipment.

case study
Gimat bulk material hanlding project for food industry

Bulk handling systems for chemical processes

GIMAT Srl is well placed to meet the challenges of manufacturing equipment for the chemical industry. All of the equipment that we manufacture is designed and built in-house and we have a dedicated engineering team that continues to evolve our process equipment as new rules and regulations on processing and safety are introduced into industry.

This capability ensures that our equipment is always at the forefront for new developments in any industries that we currently serve.

case study
Gimat bulk material hanlding project for chemical industry

Plastics material handling solutions

Operating and maintaining a plastic manufacturing plant involves processing a variety of bulk plastic materials in the form of granules, pellets, resin and powders that can contain a number of additives. For such a broad range of materials each with different properties the ability to process these materials efficiently can offer a number of complications during processing.

One of the most common problems is poorly flowing products, plastic processing that includes blending with powders has to account for the powders that can have completely different characteristics such as hydroscopic agglomeration.

Bulk bag discharging systems which are equipped with the necessary accessories to aid the transfer into a conveying system. Feed hoppers have to be designed with the correct geometry and can include vibration devices to assist with the flow of the product to be processed. If using mechanical screw conveyors or pneumatic conveying systems, the selection of a correctly sized screw or the required blower is vital for system efficiency.

GIMAT’s significant experience in this field ensures that all of our equipment will meet the operational requirements of the material to be processed.

case study
Gimat bulk material hanlding project for plastic industry
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We are specialized in the complete design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of bulk material handling systems.

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